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aboutHi. My name is Casey Sabella and I have served in ministry all my adult life. If you told me when I was 15 years of age that one day I would devote my life to telling people about Jesus, the conversation would not have ended well!

As a teenager, I dedicated my time to Kung Fu karate, conforming my life to the philosophies of eastern mysticism. I even left home for a time to live at the Dojo to pursue my ambition to achieve the coveted black belt.

I make no claims of abuse. Raised in a large family, there was always plenty of food and shelter in our home, yet I grew into an angry young man at war with the world around me. While I never engaged in serious substance abuse, my father always recalled that I was his most difficult child.

One day my older brother came home one day to tell the family he had become a Christian. As both my parents faithfully attended church, this seemed like an odd declaration. Few family members took him seriously. However a year later I visited him in Portland, Oregon, and my life changed permanently.

During an evening church service, I responded to the invitation to surrender my heart to Christ. To my surprise, He touched my life, changing me from the inside out.

The Grace of God

God brought a wonderful mate into my life 34 years ago. Patti and I have served in ministry all our adult lives. Our four children together with their spouses serve with us in ministry today.

We have known all the ups and downs of living for Christ in a culture that prefers self-indulgence to the truth. We have known discouragement and great joy; challenge and victory, tragedy and triumph. Through it all, we have seen God’s faithfulness and been able to encourage those in need.

My chief passion and call is to help people grow into leadership to impact the world. Whether through teaching, writing, podcasting, conferences or missions trips, I aim to, “… present everyone fully mature in Christ.” (Col 1:28)




Updates & Upgrades

Occasionally, we send news of new books or study guides to use for small groups.