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aboutIf you told me when I was 15 years of age that one day I would devote my life to telling people about Jesus, the conversation might not have ended well!

As a teenager, I dedicated my time to Kung Fu karate, conforming my life to the philosophies of eastern mysticism. I even left home for a time to live at a dojo to pursue my ambition to achieve a coveted black belt.

I make no claims of a poor upbringing. Raised in a large family, there was always plenty of food and shelter in our home. Still, I grew into an angry young man at war with my family and the world around me. While I never engaged in substance abuse or criminal mischief, my father remembered me as his most difficult child.

One day my older brother came home to announce to the family that he had become a Christian. Since both my parents faithfully attended church, this seemed like an odd declaration. Few family members took him too seriously. However, a year later I visited him at college in Portland, Oregon, and my life changed permanently.

Mind you, I did not visit my brother to investigate Christianity. Rather, I saw the opportunity to see another part of the country and get away from home for a month. Read more here.


Where To Find…


My Blog. I like to write about practical Christianity and how it impacts the culture. I tend to write when inspired, so sometimes the blogs come fast and furious and at other times they don’t. No matter. I want to always be sure to deliver content that is fresh and meaningful.

The blog is called, Fresh Teaching and you can always access previous articles by category.

Where I Lead. Motion Church is the congregation where I serve as the Sr. Pastor in Waterbury, CT. Our mission is straightforward: Helping people Connect with God, Grow together and then Serve our communities. You can access weekly sermons at mymotionchurch.com or on iTunes here.

Minister’s Toolbox is a weekly podcast designed for anyone serving or interested in church leadership. Each brief episode addresses the real challenges church leaders face as they attempt to carry out their mission to serve the Body of Christ.  You can listen on iTunes here and Google Play here.

I also offer several other resources to leaders @www.ministerstoolbox.com.


Other Resources


Published Books. I have written two books and two study guides.

badWhen a Good Church Goes Bad aims at those who have been devastated by church leaders who have not demonstrated Christian behavior. Writing from personal experience, the book is designed to help those who have experienced spiritual abuse get back on the road toward spiritual health. Those who purchase have access to a free online course with additional audio and worksheets to assist in recovery.

aboutTitanic Warning examines church leadership through the lens of the historic tragedy of the Titanic. Four ships played significant roles that fateful night, all manifesting leadership styles that directly apply to churches today. Each chapter is followed by questions for group discussion. The Kindle version has recently been updated and includes several more photos.


aboutWho Is Your Master? is a study guide for individuals or small groups to examine what Christ requires of each of followers. Most Christians do not understand their purpose on this earth. Each chapter is followed by additional questions for discussion.


aboutHow To Discover Your Ministry guides individuals or small groups to investigate and discover their spiritual gifts. Knowing what God has empowered us to accomplish is vital for every Christ-follower. Additional questions for discussion follow each chapter.






Updates & Upgrades

Occasionally, we send news of new books or study guides to use for small groups.